Preparing for an uncertain future

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, which is making the task of predicting and planning increasingly complex for utilities, municipalities and local authorities. Ageing infrastructure, increasing regulations, tighter budgets, climate instability and stakeholders’ constantly changing needs are all contributing. Asset Investment Manager (AIM) offers powerful new analysis capabilities to give you the knowledge you need to avoid service failures, extend asset life and make better investment and maintenance decisions.

AIM can help you plan for the future

AIM’s ability to aggregate, integrate and analyse asset data empowers organisations to advance from a reactive focus using historical data to a forward-looking predictive asset analysis. As a result of advanced analytics capabilities investments and maintenance decisions can be based on in-depth analysis and evaluation of detailed asset-level data. Even uncertainty can be planned for by running multiple future scenarios to investigate the outcomes and make provisional plans just in case.


How AIM supports asset planning:

  • Improves decision-making capabilities by consolidating asset data from across the business
  • Visualises data in ways that the whole business can understand and work to in a coherent way
  • Assists with compliance by providing the precise auditable information required by regulatory bodies
  • Defers capital projects by extending the useful life of assets and improving project planning and priority assessment
  • Provides data as evidence that can be used by regulators to approving funding of infrastructure investments
  • Moves personnel from low-value information gathering to high-value analysis and execution
  • Enhanced return on investments from existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), geographic information systems (GIS), mobile workforce management and other data and information systems

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