What is Asset Investment Manager?

Asset Investment Manager (AIM) is a powerful analytics tool that applies industry-specific algorithms to data to extract valuable insights into assets and forecast outcomes.

Can I use AIM together with my favorite applications?

Yes. AIM uses RESTful Web Services API software that can integrate with any third-party software and system that can consume web services. The data from AIM is also available to be used in other systems and third-party software, thereby removing any barrier to integration.

Which industry is AIM suitable with?

Asset Investment Manager (AIM) is a sophisticated software solution that can be applied across many sectors including water & wastewater, energy, transport, health, education, real estate, oil & gas, mining and by public sector organisations. If you work in an industry that needs complex data analysed then we may be able to help.

Where can I find support for AIM?

We deliver comprehensive software training programmes, to ensure your AIM rollout is completely successful. All training programs are delivered by our capable and highly knowledgeable staff. We offer a variety of support options to suit your needs:

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