Data-driven decisions are key to maintaining safety and achieving a high asset value

A safe, reliable and resilient infrastructure is critical to meeting the growing demands for natural gas, while simultaneously maintaining public confidence in the network. The world is changing rapidly and gas companies are being forced to adapt quickly to expand their infrastructure, while dealing with ever changing regulations and budgetary constraints. Probit’s Asset Investment Manager (AIM) technology is helping to solve the complex investment challenges involved, determining when and how much you should be investing to meet strategic objectives and deliver maximum value to shareholders.

Forecasting and managing risks

AIM’s powerful scenario modelling tools can help to predict and mitigate risks while ensuring the performance and reliability of assets. Powerful analytical modelling can investigate risks associated with safety, environmental issues, extreme weather conditions and compliance challenges. The technology can combine assets, deterioration, service impact and costs in a graphical representation that is easily understood. AIM solutions can help you align investment strategies and direct funding to the activities that will best address all of these key risks, today and in the future.


Meeting complex compliance targets

Our flexible software solution can support your complex operational needs helping meet regulatory targets and follow company policies all on one system. It can also ensure environmental stewardship and health & safety responsibilities – for both employees and the general public – are met. We can help you streamline, standardise and improve the way you manage compliance to ensure you are meeting your complex regulatory targets. Demonstrating your compliance to regulators is made simple with our customised reports tools.

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