Gas Distribution

Data-driven decisions drive asset value while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance.

A safe, reliable and resilient infrastructure is critical to meeting the growing demands for natural gas, while simultaneously maintaining public confidence in the network. The world is changing rapidly and gas companies are being forced to adapt quickly to expand their infrastructure, while dealing with ever changing regulations and budgetary constraints. Probit’s Asset Investment Manager (AIM) technology is helping to solve the complex investment challenges involved, determining when and how much you should be investing to meet strategic objectives and deliver maximum value to shareholders.

Forecasting and managing risks

AIM’s powerful scenario modelling tools can help to predict and mitigate risks while ensuring the performance and reliability of assets. Powerful analytical modelling can investigate risks associated with safety, environmental issues, extreme weather conditions and compliance challenges. The technology can combine assets, deterioration, service impact and costs in a graphical representation that is easily understood. AIM solutions can help you align investment strategies and direct funding to the activities that will best address all of these key risks, today and in the future.

Optimization at your fingertips

The optimization engine within AIM utilises cutting-edge technology, using the world’s fastest mathematical optmization engine, chosen for large-scale and sparse infrastructure problems, and customised within AIM, to rapidly process and analyse vast quantities of data, drivers, and decisions.

Combinations of individual or aggregated asset attributes, predictive values and real-time measurements, can be combined with various drivers and constraints (including budget, resource, risk, asset performance, sustainability, …) to define and “ask” real world business questions. This capability transforms complex data and information into clear actionable insights, enabling utilities to quickly identify and seize optimization opportunities.

The speed of AIM facilitates the generation of multiple scenarios, enhancing strategic planning by allowing decision-makers to easily ask, compare and select the most effective strategies. This feature is crucial for agile, informed decision-making, providing a competitive edge in asset management and strategic planning.

Visualisation and Reporting

AIM’s visualization and reporting capabilities transform complex data sets into intuitive, easily interpretable visual formats at any level in the asset hierarchy. Through detailed graphs, charts, maps, and reports AIM presents a comprehensive picture of asset performance, risks, and investment needs, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning. This enhances the accessibility of data, making it actionable for decision-makers across various levels of the organization.

Strategic and Tactical

AIM can be used for generating strategic long-term plans for regulatory requirements, typically 20-100 years, or shorter more tactical plans, 1-10 years, and anywhere in between. This ability allows utilities to generate annual workstacks with sophisticated delivery and real world “planning constraints” to maximise efficiency and reduce time in programme design and delivery. The value of using this approach is that AIM delivers a tactical programme of work, at pipe level, in a way that is best for customers, the business and delivery partners.

Seamless Integration at Asset Level

AIM® is engineered at asset level allowing for seamless integration with existing corporate and operational systems, such as GIS and asset repositories, facilitating a smooth transition and immediate enhancement of asset data and management practices. This feature ensures that AIM® can be rapidly deployed and adopted, minimising disruption and maximising the utility’s return on investment in the technology.

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