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Data-driven decisions are key to increasing the value of your assets

Asset Investment Manager (AIM) is a sophisticated software solution that can be applied across many sectors including water & wastewater, energy, transport, health, education, real estate, oil & gas, mining and by public sector organisations.

Transparency and Flexibility Redefined

AIMĀ® introduces a new level of transparency and flexibility to asset management. The built-in equation editor allows operators to customise or develop mathematical functions and models directly from the web interface, ensuring that the decision-making process is transparent and based on clear, understandable logic. This transparency is crucial for building trust among stakeholders and for meeting the increasing demand for accountability in utility operations. The flexibility of this interface allows AIMĀ® to solve an incredible range of asset management problems.

Why you might choose to use AIM software:

  • Increase the asset value of your infrastructure and deliver the best possible service
  • Optimise or reduce maintenance expenditure
  • Use scenario modelling to reduce risks and avoid asset failures
  • Predict the rate of decline in asset service level and condition using industry specific data
  • Extend life of assets by optimising maintenance activities
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

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