Data-driven analytics are key to increasing the value of your assets

Asset Investment Manager (AIM) is a sophisticated software solution that can be applied across many sectors including water & wastewater, energy, transport, health, education, real estate, oil & gas, mining and by public sector organisations.

We can work with any company that needs complex data analysed

We pride ourselves on having a collaborative approach and can adapt our solution to new industries too. If you work in a business that needs complex data analysed then we can help you get the best value out of your data.
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Why you might choose to use AIM software:

  • Increase the asset value of your infrastructure and deliver the best possible service
  • Optimise or reduce maintenance expenditure
  • Use scenario modelling to reduce risks and avoid asset failures
  • Predict the rate of decline in asset service level and condition using industry specific data
  • Extend life of assets by optimising maintenance activities
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

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