Years of professional experience

We have a proven and structured approach to implementing asset management projects, that is based on our years of professional experience. We are passionate about helping you achieve the asset management objectives that are essential for the success of your business.

Implementation Process

  • 01.
    Define Project Scope

    We take time to ensure projects are scoped out accurately, identifying all the deliverables and outcomes needed to make it successful for the business.

  • 02.
    Gap Analysis

    We analysis and compare your current data systems with your project scope deliverable and requirements, and determine where the gaps are.

  • 03.

    These workshops are designed to give the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the AIM framework and identify any additional functionality that is needed.

  • 04.
    Data Mapping

    Data is extracted from your current system and mapped to the AIM framework. Your AIM user environment is created and configured according to your organization’s specific requirements.

  • 05.
    Live Data Upload

    Live data is uploaded into your AIM user environment. Through-out the process we will constantly be performing data validation checks to make sure everything is running smoothly.

  • 06.
    Testing Phase

    We thoroughly test each module with you, to ensure all data is uploaded correctly and systems are working perfectly.

  • 07.
    Employee Training

    After all the testing is completed, employees will receive training in all relevant aspects of AIM, they will also have access to ongoing training material and support.

  • 08.
    Project Sign Off

    Your project will not be signed off until all the deliverables and outcomes identified in the project scope are achieved.

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