Data-driven, value-analytics are key to ensuring safety and delivering maximum value to communities

Safe and reliable transport infrastructure is vital for communities to thrive economically and socially. Ageing transport infrastructure, new technologies, increasing regulations and auditing requirements, and commitments to sustainability are all impacting the sector. In recent years there has also been a pattern of deferring maintenance investment in many assets to defer taxpayer costs, so some essential assets are now on the brink of expiration. Asset Investment Manager (AIM) can help you determine where best to direct funds, to meet strategic targets and optimise asset value, in the face of often constrained budgets and competing priorities.

Improving efficiency and effective of asset management

AIM’s sophisticated value-decision analysis tool, can help strike the right balance between maintaining existing infrastructure, while investing in new initiatives. It provides a central repository to capture, store and manage asset inventory, and condition data for the whole network in one place. Enabling you to build a comprehensive and effective plan for assets in the long-term, and realising benefits and savings through better management of networks. Improved data can also help make a more effective business case for appropriate levels of investment in the longer term.


Forecasting future condition and maintenance requirements

Forecasting the investment requirements of a diverse range of assets over a large geographical area, is a complex task. AIM provides a long-term view by giving you the ability to understand and predict the service levels and costs of assets throughout their lifecycle, including asset failure predictions. By applying powerful scenario modelling, AIM can determine the optimal intervention dates for every unique asset, based on age, condition, degradation, risk-of-failure and cost of maintaining or replacing. The outputs of AIM can include integrated long-term financial and capital works plans.


Meeting complex compliance targets and audible requirements

AIM offers you value-based decision-making in a transparent, data-driven environment which allows for rapid replanning and is completely auditable. This clever software can be preconfigured for all public sector asset classes, based on industry standards and satisfying regulatory reporting requirements. We can help you streamline, standardise and improve the way compliance is managed to ensure you are meeting your regulatory targets. Demonstrating compliance to regulators is also made simple with our customised reports tools.

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