Asset Investment Manager

The world is changing rapidly and asset-based organisations are facing an unprecedented number of challenges. With increasing regulation, ageing infrastructure, climate change, tighter budgets and higher stakeholder expectations. For businesses to be successful there needs to be a careful balance between investing now to meet current needs and preparing for the future. Asset Investment Manager (AIM) is a powerful analytics tool that applies industry-specific algorithms to data to extract valuable insights into assets and forecast outcomes. This empowers you to create strategic and operational plans that will deliver maximum value from assets, while taking into account budget restraints and regulatory requirements.
Maximise Asset Value

Perfectly balance costs, risks, opportunities and performance

Access to accurate detailed information on large asset bases is key to make business-critical decisions that optimise maintenance and capital investments. Asset Investment Manager (AIM) gives you the knowledge you need to manage your assets now and into the future, helping predict the effect different decisions would make. By turning business problems into mathematical models, AIM can try out trillions of possibilities to find the optimal solution. The result is better business decision-making that take less time to make and that generate significant savings.

Compare investment across individual assets using our Service and Value Measure Framework

Our Service and Value Measure Framework sits at the heart of AIM’s decision-making process. This industry-proven methodology is used to assess the relative worth of investment opportunities, projects, or assets, taking into consideration various factors such as risk, cost, benefit, strategic alignment, and regulatory compliance. This framework is used within AIM to ensure that capital and resources are allocated in a way that maximizes the overall value to the organization, supports its strategic objectives, and adheres to regulatory and compliance requirements.

Mapping and Visualizing Risks

Transparency and Flexibility Redefined

Risk Maps can be fully configurable by the end user and are designed to help articulate and visualise risk, service and value at any level in the asset hierarchy, now and in the future. They are easy to build and amend and allow for a transparent, collaborative and auditable approach to optimising investments. They can combine asset deterioration and service impact relationships, and intervention costs and benefits in a graphical representation that can be easily communicated to stakeholders.

Predicting future asset failures and deterioration rates

Predictive analytics allow you to understand what your asset base will potentially look like in the future, estimating future asset failure and deterioration rates. Applying this powerful scenario modelling you can determine the optimal intervention dates for every unique asset, based on age, condition, degradation, risk of failure and cost of maintaining or replacing.


Quickly evolve and communicate your value framework

AIM can define, optimise and analyse investment scenarios based on millions of assets quickly, achieving a high level of granularity than was previously possible. This enables asset managers to get real value from data, creating models to identify optimal investment levels. Using our modelling tools, you can clearly visualise and communicate your value framework to all stakeholders, so that they understand how and why decisions are made. As your business environment changes, the value framework can be quickly updated to align to your new priorities.

Flexible and dynamic reporting you can configure

With AIM you can track important data and gain real-time insights, with customisable reporting models. You can compare scenarios and drill down into more detail using our flexible and interactive data graphs and tables. We also offer Interactive GIS Maps where you can group your assets by attribute, intervention or time. AIM can be integrated seamlessly with any third-party software system that can consume web services.


Preparing for an uncertain future

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, which is making the task of predicting and planning increasingly complex for utilities, municipalities and local authorities. Ageing infrastructure, increasing regulations, tighter budgets, climate instability and stakeholders’ constantly changing needs are all contributing. Asset Investment Manager (AIM) offers powerful new analysis capabilities to give you the knowledge you need to avoid service failures, extend asset life and make better investment and maintenance decisions.

AIM has been developed for the industries that need complex data analysed

Asset Investment Manager (AIM) is a sophisticated software solution that can be applied across many sectors including water & wastewater, energy, transport, health, education, real estate, oil & gas, mining and by public sector organisations.

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