Value-based decision-making in a data-driven, transparent environment is the formula for success

Asset Investment Manager (AIM) technology is helping to solve multiple complex challenges facing water and wastewater utilities around the globe.
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Potable Water & Wastewater

Budgetary constraints mean utilities are having to adapt quickly, to optimise value from their assets and meet new stakeholder demands. Ageing assets, an ageing workforce, increasing regulation, a growing population and an increasingly volatile climate are all having an impact. AIM’s value-based decision analytics software can rapidly determine when and where you should invest to optimise asset performance, making best use of limited budgets and keeping within regulatory frameworks.


Finding and forecasting risks

AIM’s powerful scenario modelling tools assess risks to the potable water network and wastewater infrastructure, making it possible to plan ways to mitigate disruption before problems emerge. Risks associated with safety, environmental issues, extreme weather conditions, discharge limitations and compliance can all be assessed.
As most utility infrastructure is located beneath the ground, it can be difficult to assess and prioritise replacement or repair of these assets until it is too late and they fail. AIM’s powerful analytics can combine assets, deterioration, service impact and costs in a graphical representation that is easily understood. The cost of replacing all ageing water and sewage infrastructure would be staggering, so targeting limited budgets in this way makes the best use of your finite resources.


Delivering optimized and robust water infrastructure assets

AIM’s powerful reporting capabilities turn strategic and operational objectives into measurable success, so you can immediately determine the effectiveness of programmes. Creating robust, repeatable, transparent and data-driven decisions for all investment needs is critical to improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk and costs. Our AIM software solution provides a 360-degree view of all programmes and makes it easier for managers and other stakeholders to collaborate across your business and find the optimal investment approach.


Meeting complex compliance targets

Our flexible AIM software solution can support your complex operational needs helping you meet regulatory targets, environmental permits and company policies all on the same system. We can help you streamline, standardise and improve the way you manage compliance to ensure you are meeting required regulatory targets. Meanwhile our customised reporting tools make it quick and easy to demonstrate compliance to regulators.

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