Seamless application integration is key to success

Seamless data integration is key to the success of Asset Investment Manager (AIM), combining information from different parts of the business to create a unified view of the business. AIM is web-enabled and can be configured to manage any number of assets, either as software-as-a-service or installed on AIM Enterprise.

Third-party applications AIM can integrate with:

Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Asset Management
Customer Request Management
Contractor Management
Document Management
Human Resource Management

AIM data is also available to other applications

AIM uses RESTful Web Services API software that can integrate with any third-party software and system that can consume web services. The data from AIM is also available to be used in other systems and third-party software, thereby removing any barrier to integration.


AIM can be scaled-up as needed

Our dedicated database servers have no restrictions on the number of processors they can use, allowing the platform to be scaled-up as required and as data volumes increase, whilst ensuring that performance is not impacted over time. An AIM Enterprise software license can be deployed on Linux, Unix or Windows platforms and is also certified on a virtualised environment.

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