‘Unlocking Data’ Award Winners – Utility Week Awards

We had a  fantastic evening at the 2023 Utility Week awards where we won the ‘Unlocking Data’ award. A great team effort and a showcase of how Asset Investment Manager (AIM-Probit Ltd.) is used to drive value from assets and make some smart decisions based on real data and innovative technologies.

Overview of our award winning project:

Cadent Gas, in partnership with ICS Consulting, Probit and ULC Technologies identified 160km of metallic pipes in North London which are cost beneficial to remediate using ULC’s innovative robotic system, CISBOT.

This was made possible by unlocking and leveraging Cadent’s historical data and applying advanced data analytics to an asset investment optimisation solution (Probit’s AIM – Asset Investment Manager). The work has proved transformative in facilitating data-driven decision-making; optimising resource allocation and reducing the social, environmental, and financial impacts of managing critical gas infrastructure. Through the power of unlocking and leveraging historic data Cadent can make informed and impactful investment decisions on their assets.

Utility Week 2023 Award Winners

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