Empowers all stakeholders to visualise risk and value

In most businesses there is no shortage of raw data, the problem is combining it to make insightful information and then presenting it in a way everyone understands. With Asset Investment Manager (AIM) you can track important data and gain real-time insights into assets, using customisable reporting models

A picture speaks a thousand words

Gaining insight into data and communicating it to the business is often much easier when the information is well presented visually. All our charts have been carefully crafted and defined to help you identify your preferred investment scenario and share results with the wider business quickly and easily. Risk View allows you to compare scenarios and drill down into more detail using our flexible and interactive data charts. We use D3 technology for our visualizations, which allows you to create bespoke charts for your unique needs. Ultimately these visualisations make it easier than ever to find the insights you are looking for and to make the right data-driven decisions.


Do you need to see information geographically?

Visualising data through maps can help you spot geographical patterns quickly. We use Leaflet, which is the best technology available when it comes to web-based interactive GIS Maps. While we are not claiming you should replace your in-house GIS solution, you can render millions of GIS segments within our web application, interacting with your assets at lightning speed. You can also group your assets by attribute, intervention or intervention time-step – such as one year – all within a lightweight, browser-based environment.


Flexible reporting

Every organisation and application has different requirements. AIM includes a powerful and flexible reporting module as standard, which allows users to customise their reports to the exact specifications required. No need for additional configuration costs, no need to get the consultants involved. Just define your report template in AIM and retrieve your results through Risk View.

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