AIM Users Group and Master Chef Cooking Challenge

In the last days of January, Probit hosted the AIM users group at Eckington Manor, where 2015 winner of UK MasterChef Professionals, Mark Stinchcombe, took everyone on a culinary journey. Under Mark’s tutelage, everyone prepared and cooked their own three-course meal and the winner and loser were both crowned at the end of the night. It was a great night and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience – even those who couldn’t boil an egg!

The following day consisted of a mixture of end-user presentations and demonstrations of new functionality. There was a general theme of Gas versus Water with NGGT winning the biggest risk map competition.

Key new functionality included a live demonstration the new AIM Web Services module, which enables AIM Reports to be extracted directly from AIM into other third-party applications. Tableau was used to connect directly to AIM and build a dashboard on the fly.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and hope to see everyone at the next group meeting.

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