Making complex data simple

Making the right strategic investment decisions when managing assets has never been so challenging

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Asset investment optimisation

Accessing accurate detailed information on large asset bases is key to make critical decisions making

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Predicting and forecasting

Identifying potential risks and forecasting the effects of future investments on assets is critical

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A picture speaks a thousand words

In most businesses there is no shortage of raw data, the problem is integrating it to produce information

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Making complex data simple to understand

When managing critical and complex infrastructure assets, making the right strategic decisions can be very challenging. It requires a level of sophistication that is impossible to achieve if data is fragmented across the business. Our Asset Investment Manager (AIM) software platform aggregates data and then applies industry-specific algorithms to create valuable insights into assets. AIM is used by some of the biggest asset owners in the world, to help them improve the performance and reliability of their assets while significantly reducing costs.

Delivering optimized and robust water infrastructure assets.

Gas distribution

Data-driven decisions are key to maintaining safety in business


Improving efficiency and effectiveness of asset management

Other industries

Probit is available for any industry that needs complex data analysed

Our clients

Some of the largest asset owners in the world trust AIM to guide them when making asset investment decisions. Our powerful analytics software is helping them to improve performance, manage risk and maximise value.
Cost-savings of between 15 and 40%

Using AIM 4.0 software, has enabled Tetra Tech to assess the condition of their roadway with a higher level of granularity than was ever previously possible.

$3.2 million per annum savings

AECOM has calculated that the AIM could save DWSD over US$30 million, which translates to US$4 million (£3.2 million) savings on average per annum.

Saving time, money and lives on highways

Using highway data from a UK County Council, Probit Consulting demonstrated how AIM can be used to optimise road maintenance decisions.

Making complex investment decisions simple

We empower our clients to make critical asset investment decisions that save money, by quickly identifying immediate issues and analysing future risk.
Our sophisticated algorithmic software platform can combine millions of operational, financial and asset data sources to deliver optimal solutions super-fast. We empower our clients to make critical asset investment decisions that save money, by quickly identifying immediate issues and analysing future risk in your business.

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